What is CBD? (Infographic series)

Let’s talk some CBD science! This is a mini breakdown of CBD utilising infographics from the PhysCombat Instagram page. Feel free to enjoy through this page or by following us on Instagram.

With WADA banning all forms of natural or synthetic cannabinoids EXCEPT for Cannabidiol (CBD) and the rise in combat athlete sponsorships; it’s so much more important for drug tested athletes to understand what products they’re choosing to use and put inside their body.
Below is the WADA statement on CBD and the remainder of this article will aim to address some of the currently known science behind CBD, it’s current known uses and what you may actually be getting in these bottles!

Screenshot_20200614-194338_Samsung Internet

So what is CBD exactly?

Blue Ocean Photo Summer Instagram Post
CBD – What is it?


Are CBD manufacturers completely truthful in their claims? Possibly not based on this small study. Scroll down to see which products




What does science currently say CBD can help with? Part 1.



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