Hello and welcome to Physiology in Combat! 
My name is Nasir Uddin and I am the founder of PhiC (Physiology in Combat).
I am a PhD (Human/Applied physiology) researcher at St Mary’s University currently researching changes within the brain and periphery in relation to concussions and hypo-hydration in combat sports.
As someone with a background in combat sports, but a frequent sufferer of migraines and being alerted to the presence of a cyst within my brain, optimising combat performance while safeguarding one’s brain health has been an area of interest for me.
MRI Cyst
Arachnoid cyst MRI
Since my knowledge of the cyst, I made some adjustments to the training process (no more head impacts!) and put the brain to use in a different manner. I have graduated with an MRes in Applied Physiology and currently a lecturer in Sport Science. I am also an active member of UCL’s Institute of Sensorimotor Neuroscience society while studying a PGCert in Translational Neurology at the University of Edinburgh.

My experience over the past five years involves Strength & Conditioning/Sport Science support to the likes of Crystal Palace FC, London Wasps, national athletes and MMA fighters. My previous theses lie in the understanding of fatigue and hydration within combat sports through the likes of neuromuscular and immunoendocrine measures.

This is an educational blog to share all things science within combat whether it be collision sports, MMA or the military. The aim is to shed light in advances within the field of combat, bring specialist insight into common issues in combat and share the findings of studies along the process of my PhD and research thereafter.
Feel free to get in contact or ask a question. Share to anyone who would be interested or get involved in future studies. Or just enjoy my progress throughout the journey in this blog.

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